Writing action sequences in screenplays for you

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Other times you will have your hero lose the fight. After deciding that a fight scene fits with your characters and story, a writer must then decide how long it should be.

Writing better action

Some writers don't go into much detail at all, leave the fight choreography up to the stunt people or fight choreographers. If we want to care about your fight scene, we have to care about the characters, or at the very least know who is about to fight. Make liberal use of sound and visuals, calling them out with all caps if necessary, to make the scene come alive on the page. Other times you will have your hero lose the fight. Bosko's moving 90 degrees to the right, crossing the street. Most non-pro screenwriters miss the mark by a considerable margin. Stallone keeps his reader interested by lacing this element into the fight. After deciding that the scene fits in the story and that you want to control it creatively and length wise, the writer must decide the purpose of the scene.

During my tenure as an instructor, the biggest problem I see on a weekly basis are screenwriters who have trouble with action sequences. A tense moment, then they suddenly kiss. Alexander looks back at James and grins. What purpose will it serve? A beat later, the dog pokes his head out from under the lid, wanting to watch the fight.

writing action sequences in screenplays for you

For a moment McClane just looks at the dead man. One guy gets hit with the freezer door, while another gets a face full of flour and a frying pan to the head.

Since the antagonist has to be smarter than the hero, often they find themselves in trouble quite quickly. Utilize Subheadings One of the most important elements in the best fight scenes is clarity on the page.

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The best fight scenes are felt and seen more intensely than almost any other time in your film.

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Writing Action Sequences: Die Hard