Writing a recycling grant proposal sample

Convey your passion for your proposed project. An unclear or vague problem is not. Very loosely explain your plans and how the grant will fit in.

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For example, you might estimate how many recyclables will be collected on a monthly basis, and how much those will earn from a recycling company that pays for recycled materials. Describe or list your programs. If the data collection costs money, be sure to include that cost in your budget.

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Most funders, such as foundations , do not wish to be the sole source of support for a project. Convey your passion for your proposed project. Goals and objectives Next, more fully describe the exact outcomes of your proposed project once it receives funding and can be implemented. Explain why the issue is essential, and what research you did to learn about possible solutions. One smart strategy for this section is to break it down into subsections of individual goals, then think of each subsection as a funnel. These parts could look very different in different organizations. So decide now how you will evaluate the outcomes of your project. What will define success for our proposed programming? Provide the funding body a means by which to judge the success of your project. Focus on offering a full explanation, not on keeping it brief. Some charities rely heavily on grants; others do not at all. Our professionals understand every step of the long process that makes the dream of a dramatic renovation to a massive waste management system into a reality. Provide quantifiable goals or budgets for objectives when possible.

Funders want to know that their dollars had an impact. A statement of need should be about one page long.

Writing a recycling grant proposal sample

Outline a procedure for how recyclables will be collected on a schedule and assembled at a central point for collection by recycling companies. The expenses portion should include personnel costs, direct project costs, and administrative or overhead expenses. A proposal must show readers how the recycling program will pay for itself or, better yet, economically benefit the company. Assures good stewardship and efficient use of grant funds. Here are the most common sections of grant proposals, and the information you should include. An objective is a tangible result of the steps you take to reach your more intangible goal. Choosing Specifics In your proposal, list the materials for recycling and how they will be collected and processed for pickup by local recyclers. A plan might discuss materials like paper, metals, plastic, glass, rubber and specialty materials. Describe what kinds of bins and dumpsters will be needed at each recycling point.

Clearly state the positive impact your program will have. The biggest challenge of a cover letter is keeping it very brief.

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Some charities rely heavily on grants; others do not at all.

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How to Write a Recycling Proposal for Businesses