Writing a liverpool accent

birkenhead accent

Sayers pastie — Scousers lunch. Liverpool is heavily influenced by the Irish, and it was described as the capital of Ireland just because so many Irish people lived there.

They are used as a positive adjective such as 'it was sound' meaning it was good. I used to be able to recite it word for word when I was a kid. Posh twat — Someone from certain areas of the south end or from down south.

Mineza weir mish-mishuh rural Newinglun anurban N'yor, tuhduhpoin where I'm frequenly assed where I'm from when I'mineiderarea. Outside profession "enunciate everything clearly" speech, I speak really quickly and chain words together into single units, but that's pretty common among most people I know.

Slotted a boss hatrick — Scored 3 goals. Trabs — Sports shoes.

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