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The Snopes family being post- Civil War farmers are instead rewritten as Javanese immigrants who had just moved into a new rubber plantation.

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Two hours later, the servant drops off the rug that Snopes had soiled and instructs him to clean and return it. His primitiveness is portrayed through his inability to express himself intelligently; he uses cruel means such as burning barns to express his dissatisfaction with the socio-economic injustices.

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It would be highly uncharacteristic of Faulkner to use a story set in the s to demonstrate conditions existing in the s.

Harris an ominous warning that wood and hay are combustible. The next day, the family arrives at its new home and begins unloading the wagon.

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Now, how do we know the story is set in or thereabouts? The story also projects at least twenty years in the future, in the following moment: Later, twenty years later, he was to tell himself, "If I had told him they only wanted truth, justice, he would have hit me again.

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She was opposed to the violent behavior against the society and family. Yoknapatawpha is Faulkner's fictional creation and serves as the setting for a great number of his stories. Ford, Marylyn. After Sarty falls asleep, his father wakes him up and tells Sarty to follow him. Although Abner always intimidates her, she continues to fight for justice and morality in the family. Sarty jumps into a ditch and then returns to the road. Later that night, fire claimed Mr. Learn More A variation of narration strategies have been used in telling the story. The theme of the story include the significance of family loyalty and the socioeconomic gap between the rich and the poor in the American community during the s and the first half of the twentieth century. When he leaves, Sarty tells Abner that they shouldn't give de Spain any corn at all. He doesn't turn around.
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A Literary Analysis of William Faulkner's Barn Burning