Vietnam war civilians point of view research paper

Vietnam war civilians point of view research paper

Kennedy was riding through the streets of Dallas, Texas, when he was killed by an assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. The various social, moral, and psychological conflicts that they encountered in battle changed their lives. So if you leave the bomb shelter a second too early, it could be lethal. Those at home had no experience of how the soldier lived or what he had to deal with during the war. They expressed amazement that there was an American who knew about their hamlet, wanted to know their story, and would travel half way around the world to listen to them. Media Effects Surprisingly, many of the films portrayed how the media played a part in shaping the War and how the media had its own agenda. Indochina, which includes Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, was under French colonial rule. Contrasting these acts evokes the audience the range of feelings the U. They had been living with things they had done as nineteen-year-olds for forty years and it had weighed on them considerably. It came to a point that veterans were in rage and felt used. The herbicides were also used in the United States, but at application rates at least an order of magnitude lower and with somewhat differing formulations.

So when contacts between the Americans and Vietnamese came closer and more common, the G. There would be a temporary division on the 17th parallel in Vietnam.

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I also talked to hundreds of Vietnam vets and I interviewed for this book between one hundred and two hundred veterans.

Yet that pat on the back never came. Most reporters supported the war initially, but after being in Vietnam for long periods of time they grew skeptical and formed biased opinions. Luther as well pointed concerns about the percentage of black American casualties concerning the total population Hasday, That project allowed me to travel and meet veterans who had been witnesses or perpetrators in the case files I had.

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There was so much killing power in an M rifle and it was lightweight. Make use of free samples for more ideas. Contrasting these acts evokes the audience the range of feelings the U. This was standard operating procedure for the unit to drive the Vietnamese from the countryside to break the bond between the guerrillas and the people in the villages. Yet the very next scene he is protecting a Vietnamese girl from getting raped. On November 15,, , people gathered in Washington D. Now, as the military winds down its year-war in Afghanistan and the Army cuts 18, troops from its ranks, military officials are stepping up efforts to bridge the gap between veterans and the civilian world they are preparing to rejoin. I just want to do my share for my country" Platoon.

Independent of that, a young stringer with Newsweek, Alex Shimkin, noticed that something very bloody had gone on in the Delta. In Platoon however, two soldiers ridicule and call the main character crazy when he reveals that he volunteered to serve; in their eyes it was unfortunate to have been drafted and have to serve.

This would allow American troops to gradually come home.

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It seemed as though all he wanted to receive from those back at home was a pat on the back for his efforts in Vietnam. Military Academy at West Point. They hated many people, but mainly those in the government. PTSD is a development of characteristic symptoms following a psychologically distressing event. S ended up devastating casualties, racial tensions erupted, individual groups refused combats and their troops killed several officers. This was the criteria used in choosing these six Vietnam War films, because they appear to have been viewed the most and thus have had the best opportunity to influence and affect the attitudes of today's society. The media became an endless competition to earn money, fame, and success. He asked if I thought witnessing war crimes could cause post-traumatic stress. We used a conservative estimate of three parts per million of dioxin contamination and did not include poorly documented herbicides sprayed by Vietnamese, US Army, and US Navy trucks, boats, hand sprayers, and helicopters. By the time they arrived at home, they had already talked to fellow war buddies about the horrors that they experienced.

The media had an immense effect on many individuals during the war. They would fight for the freedom that America believed in, instead of letting communist-rule spread to Vietnam.

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Five of them — four boys and a girl — were from Army families, with a parent deployed overseas. They had heroic determination and fighting spirit. There is a baby boom nine months after every big battalion or brigade arrives home. This shaped the opinions of the many Americans as never before. There were more pressing situations to be taken care of, such as the Cold War. This war would have lasting affects on the United States. Much of the literature in the U. Unfortunately, there was no commitment to the war, most of the soldiers had no idea why they were fighting, and there was a lot of controversy and confusion over the U.
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Impact of Vietnam War on American History: Research Paper Examples