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quadroon nurse in the awakening

Nina Baym, et. The lovers however, represent something entirely different. The lovers differ from Edna and her relationship with Robert in several ways: They communicate intimately throughout the novel.

the two lovers in the awakening

The infatuation of new love inevitably fades and with regard to religion, Edna says, "during one period of my life religion took a firm hold upon me" Pontellier is surveying the cottages when he notices that a lady in black is walking demurely up and down, with her beads I believe that this is the implication of Robert's answering "of course not" to Mariequita's asking him if the two lovers are married These stick figures are important characters which Chopin uses brilliantly in order to stress some important themes in The Awakening.

However, when Robert announces his departure for Mexico, Edna is shocked. The lady in black is first mentioned in Chapter I. I believe that Chopin uses the lovers to contrast the relationship between Edna and her husband. Chopin may have decided not to fully developed the lovers because they are in the infatuation stage of love, which is fleeting.

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The Two Lovers in The Awakening