The different literary devices in the grapes of wrath a novel by john steinbeck

john steinbeck literary devices

It also leads them to suffer hunger, deaths, and threats of the uncertain future. The Joads suffer badly in this double onslaught from nature as well as from industrialization.

They have suffered losses after losses, which include deaths of family members as well as finances. This experience of an uprooted life after living on the fertile lands leave the Joads distraught. Check out our Privacy and Content Sharing policies for more information. The air was thin and the sky more pale; and every day the earth paled. The first death is of the Grampa Joad, followed by Granma who dies when the caravan of the migrants reach California. Here, wrath has been projected as a positive trait. However, when they discuss their future and hope to find a better place, it plays an essential role in lifting their suppressed spirits. Her rebellion agrees with the feminine spirit of keeping the family united and also shifts the responsibility to the patriarchal structure when the situation improves. The tractors were the "snub-nosed monsters, raising the dust and sticking their snouts into it, straight down the country, across the country, through fences, through dooryards, in and out of gullies in straight lines. This forced migration from their lands proves disastrous for them. Many authors use rhetorical strategies and devices to better their writing.

With its force and authority, this biblical voice, present in both the opening description of the drought and the closing description of the floods, becomes the moral center of the novel.

He is stuck in the "I", and he will perish because of it.

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That is why Tom and the family mourn those who leave them on the way to California. Both of these are used in Chapter 5.

The banks sent modern tractors -- cold, unfeeling, without any relationship with, respect for or understanding of the land. Yellow, represents power, energy and hope for a new life. In the same way, the family rescued by the benevolent stranger at the end of Chapter 9 foreshadows the "rescuing" of the Wilsons by the Joads in the next chapter.

The different literary devices in the grapes of wrath a novel by john steinbeck
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The Different Literary Devices in the Grapes of Wrath, a Novel by John Steinbeck