The details of the events of the crossing of the potomac army to rappahannock

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A month had passed since that attack, and its result had emboldened LEE to call up the great portion of the force in South Carolina. Hunt, and ordered him to blast Fredericksburg into submission with some guns trained on the city from Stafford Heights.

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McLaws was ordered to leave behind Brig. Third, Early would have to keep Sedgwick bottled up at Fredericksburg, despite the four-to-one Union advantage there.

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Fitzhugh Lee met Jackson and they ascended a hill with a sweeping view of the Union position. Said one Union officer: I do not like that sort of talk on the eve of battle. The divisions present at Chancellorsville were those of Maj. The operations of the Fifth, Eleventh and Twelfth Corps have been a series of splendid successes. The people of the North may, therefore, reasonably hope that they have at length a commander worthy of the army intrusted to him, while the Southern estimate of him is inducted by the apprehension that he intended to cover by his operations on the Rappahannock another ascent of the York River, and a march upon Richmond from the east. Howard's headquarters until he was surprised and driven out by Stonewall Jackson's Confederate troops on May 2. Nevertheless, in the foggy pre-dawn hours of December 11, Union engineers crept to the riverbank and began laying their pontoons.

Could it be a ruse? Once again, the fast-paced cavalry of Jeb Stuart came through. Fitzhugh Lee.

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MEADE, however, instead of taking this direction on passing the river, struck a road diverging eastward, and made Ely's Ford on the Rapidan, eight miles nearer than Germania Ford, to the embouchure of that stream into the Rappahannock. The two armies at Fredericksburg represented the largest number of armed men that ever confronted each other for combat during the Civil War. We know nothing of what may be between the Rappahannock and the James River, and we suspect that the Federals know little more. Now's the time! Brooks and James S. Hall volunteered his brigade for this assignment. Jackson had ordered the 23rd Georgia Infantry to guard the rear of the column and they resisted the advance of Birney and Berdan at Catherine Furnace. By late afternoon, Jackson had readjusted his lines and tried to goad the Union into attacking, but Meade refused to respond. Two brigades from A. They crossed successfully and spread out in a skirmish line to clear the sharpshooters. John M. The area of intense fighting would become known as the Slaughter Pens. Thus, Burnside's superior numbers would encounter only half of Lee's legions. SLOCUM, the Twelfth, are moving on different roads, and have taken up positions up the Rappahannock, in the neighborhood of Banks' and United States fords, which are respectively eight and eleven miles above Fredericksburgh, and are, it will be remembered, the places selected by Gen. Joseph Hooker, had been preparing for since being appointed to his post in January , following the Union debacle at Fredericksburg the previous December.

While he rode prominently in front of his lines, the partially deaf Gregg could not hear the approaching Federals or their bullets flying around him. General Lee observed the action and commented about Pelham, age 24, "It is glorious to see such courage in one so young.

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The army is no longer encumbered with that ponderous impediment which used to be the marvel of all who beheld it. Joshua Owen went in first, reinforced by Col.

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Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems. They were put in motion on the hill-slope on one side of the river, and in plain view of the enemy were marched along the crest of the ridge and down, as though to the crossing. Accordingly, early in the week every one was rubbing his eyes, and asking where is the army? Darius N. Meade to Maj. Pressing up in their horrid array of glittering steel, the enemy's advance was quickly checked, and he had to withdraw to the line of breastworks just vacated by the Eleventh corps. If in Europe we have already formed our opinion, it is became we, far from the scene of action, and looking dispassionately on what passes -- think that the circumstances have not so much changed from those of the two former campaigns as to give reason for supposing that the result will be different. When Meade galloped to the rear to confront Birney with a string of fierce profanities that, in the words of one staff lieutenant, "almost makes the stones creep," he was finally able to order the brigadier forward under his own responsibility, but harbored resentment for weeks. Samuel Sturgis. The shattered, fleeing columns of men were rushing down and over us at headquarters. Whom, of all others, should he send in at this fearfully critical moment, but the darling child of his own creation -- his own old corps, new commanded by Gen. Daniel Hamilton of the 1st South Carolina assumed command, but Gregg's brigade was totally routed and was no longer an organized unit for the rest of the day. The trio and their staffs met to discuss the not unexpected news that a large body of Union troops had crossed the Rappahannock River and was threatening to outflank General Robert E.
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Battle of Chancellorsville