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It is meant to be easier to understand and write. However, the number of characters per minute tends to be around for all the tested languages.

Teeline shorthand

This will make your writing even faster. Dennis Hollier is a writer based in Honolulu. A good stenographer could make a decent living, and this skill improved the lives of thousands of men and women. Because of this, a need existed for a simplified method of shorthand and in German Franz Xaver Gabelsberger inspired a simple cursive system. Until that point, the skilled shorthand writer will always be of value to any business organisation. Journals are still very popular, but no one wants just anyone to read a private diary or journal. USES The primary use of shorthand has been to record oral dictation or discourse, and various methods were used for the demands of office administration secretarial , journalism and court reporting. Teeline has some other issues, like using one character or character-appearing-symbol to represent a different character or using a symbol that is not related to the character. Shorthand set the stage for the later development of more sophisticated recording technologies. While it was never developed as a tool for literacy and education, it was used by those who were both literate and educated. That sounds hard until you remember that your head is chock-a-block with common English abbreviations, most of which you learned organically as you needed them. For example, health-care professionals may use shorthand notes in medical charts and correspondence. Look at how the characters in the Ford alphabet are similar to, representative of, or strokes from the original lower or upper-case letters. I guarantee you if they had dictaphones or smartphones with recording apps or even voice recognition software there would have been no need for shorthand and it would have never been developed.

Write as quickly as you can for 30 seconds or one minute, depending on your ability and confidence level. In the late decades of the 19th C females accounted for more than half of high school graduates, while far more men than women graduated from college.

Re-read 1, 2 and 3. Place your pen and paper in front of you on a hard surface and sit down. It allowed for spontaneity on the part of the orator and allowed thoughts to flow freely.

But, most systems of speedwriting will only enable you to write up to between 40 and 60 words per minute, hence they are called speedwriting and not shorthand. It will take some practice to get good at reading it back. Adshade and Adshade and Keay suggest that the key factor underlying both trends was an increase in secondary education, which not only increased the supply of female clerical workers but also encouraged organizational and technical innovations that increased the productivity of, and demand for, clerical workers.

S can be written either as shown or in mirror image, both ways are still S and are a faster way of making a similar stroke.

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Whether sitting in a lecture hall or a business meeting, the ability to take accurate verbatim notes can be invaluable. It has the advantage of using every letter, but that makes it a little slower.

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The Easiest Way to Learn Shorthand