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Impact of the New Law: Now that the statute requires information about the pendency of the applications, reasons as to why they are not disposed of or the reasons behind the rejection of an application, there is bound to be improvement in the efficiency of the departments. This act has repealed the Freedom of Information Act, The Commissions have power to supervise the work of Information Officers and call from them the reports.

If the entire material is not available he must make available so much of information as is available with him in the first instance and transmit within 5 days, the rest of the application to the concerned Public Information Officer for disposal who should in his turn shall comply with the request within 30 days as originally fixed.

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The Act made provisions for the Constitution of Central Information and State Information Commissions for the respective States as the appellate authorities and for monitoring the proper working of this Act.

In nutshell it can be said that this piece of legislation is unique in many aspects. Thus we can see the role of information commissioner is crucial for successful implementation of RTI Act, It has been enacted for the convenience of the citizens of the country and to maintain the transparency between the government working and the public who are the beneficiaries.

Lastly, remind everybody that one should not be crazy about rights only and one should also be mindful about ones duties.

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