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Of course, you could hope that the chauvinist would change his mind over time when he wasn't being pressed, yet you couldn't bet on this outcome. For example, are you absolutely certain that abortion is immoral under all circumstances?

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He may say he will love and support you and let you stay at home and bring up babies, but the cold hard statistics call him a liar. Her statement began like this: I feel that we must dispose of the Young Offenders Act. About 10 or 15 years from now, you are going to be working at some menial, low-paying, miserable job and wondering what happened.

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Rather, she has thought through what she and Catherine Ford might genuinely share on a subject that she has surely discussed before, but perhaps not explored in this way. Immigrants present a new demography which must be tamed.

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A wide-eyed glance at students at the university center on my campus, for instance, will show you Chinese students working alongside students from Africa and South America. When students use Rogerian reflection to understand other points of view, then, it is important that they use the glimpses of other selves not just to understand those other selves but also to gain a fuller understanding of their own beliefs and what has caused them to think differently from the others they take in. But the process does not end there; the Rogerian rhetor, unlike the Rogerian therapist, has his own point of view as well, and puts it forward in concert with the picture he has constructed of the other's view. Instead, pick and choose from these strategies in light of your audience, purpose, and intended voice. All of these criticisms point to real problems with the model, problems which often reflect the way it has been conceptualized by its proponents. Do I need more facts and figures? For example, in the sample argument with your roommate, rather than issuing an ultimatum such as "Unless you start picking up after yourself and doing your fair share of the housework, I'm moving out," you could say, "I realize that you view housekeeping as a less important activity than I do, but I need to let you know that I find your messiness to be highly stressful, and I'm wondering what kind of compromise we can make so we can continue living together.

Social media can be equally as harmful because it is helpful in the incorrect hands. Some of our beliefs and arguments are based on faith, some on emotion, and some on logic alone.

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The essay of the type is a particular sort of high school and college writing assignment, which involves a specific argument a writer attempts to prove to his audience. Even for the therapist, this is risky. These defensive distortions drop away with astonishing speed as people find that the only intent is to understand, not judge" Rogers If insights occur while you are writing, experiment with them. As usual, this process involves asking, "What do my readers believe and know about the subject? This is an intriguing statement! An introduction to the problem and a demonstration that the opponent's position is understood. In this chapter I will try to account for this continuing fascination with Rogerian rhetoric and explain what it can offer that no other approach to argumentation can quite match.
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