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what rights do juveniles have when taken into custody

Inin Kent v. Some critics of the juvenile court argue that, given the punitive changes in juvenile justice legislation since the decision, the only remaining procedural differences between juvenile and adult criminal courts are access to juries and access to counsel Feld, How juvenile courts operate may vary from county to county and municipality to municipality within a state.

Juvenile rights definition

Historians have noted that the establishment of the juvenile court not only diverted youngsters from the criminal court, but also expanded the net of social control over juveniles through the incorporation of status jurisdiction into states' juvenile codes e. Weaver, F. It has also been held that the Fourth Amendment requires that a juvenile arrested without a warrant be provided a probable cause hearing. This means that regardless of race, creed, color or status, all persons are to be treated equally before the law. It appears that police may be initiating more of the encounters than in the past. Changes in laws do not necessarily translate into changes in practice. Pennsylvania U. Although data are collected nationally on juvenile court case processing, 1 the courts are not required to submit data, so that national juvenile court statistics are derived from courts that cover only about two-thirds of the entire juvenile population Stahl et al.

A juvenile accused of a crime has the following rights at the adjudicatory hearing: the right to be represented by a lawyer to the extent provided by law; the right to have witnesses appear on their behalf; the right to subpoena to require to come to court witnesses to appear; the right to confront and cross-examine question witnesses testifying against them accusers ; and the right against self-incrimination to answer questions or make statements tending to show guilt and have them used against him or her.

A CASA may also be assigned to children who are in need of services or in need of supervision. After providing a brief historical background of the juvenile court and a description of stages in the juvenile justice system, we examine the various legal and policy changes that have taken place in recent years, the impact those changes have had on practice, and the result of the laws, policy, and practice on juveniles caught up in the juvenile justice system.

which state supreme court ruled that juveniles have the constitutional right to a trial by jury?

Reformers believed that treating children and adolescents as adult criminals was unnecessarily harsh and resulted in their corruption. The judge may temporarily postpone a case to allow all parties time to obtain a lawyer or for any other reason needed to have a fair trial.

juvenile rights vs adults
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