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It also involves managing the project to limit unnecessary changes.

phd thesis in quality management

Serviceability how easy is it to repair the product. These are the projects that arise when companies relocate their headquarters, develop and introduce a new computer system, launch a marketing campaign, prepare for a trade exhibition, produce feasibility or other study report, restructure the organization, mount a stage show, or generally engage in any operation that involves the management and co-ordination of activities to produce an end result that is not identifiable principally as an item of hardware or construction.

It must be sold through an upscale department store or specialty boutique.

Phd thesis in quality management

Most of the study were using questionnaire based survey techniques and some used the descriptive statistics method and literature review to conduct research on TQM, and the rest used hypothesis and theoretical framework, qualitative and comparative case studies. Dale, Scope of Quality Costs Is Too Limited: Traditionally, the measurement of quality cost focuses on the cost of nonconformities, i. These were developed for military and nuclear power industry needs, and to a lesser extent, for commercial and industrial use. A guru, by definition, is a good person, a wise person and a teacher. Plan: what is needed Do: it Check: that it works Act: to correct any problems or improve performance It is a universal improvement methodology, the idea being to constantly improve, and thereby reduce the difference between the requirements of the customers and the performance of the process. Carry out a small-scale study. With the creation of this new department, there came new services and issues, standards, training, recording of data and the accuracy of measuring equipment. The process achieves control at one level of quality performance, then plans are made to improve the performance on a project by project basis, using tools and techniques such as Pareto analysis. Procurement Management This area focuses on a set of processes performed to obtain goods or services from an outside organization. We realize that quality is important, and we already know what the major problems are. As the project ends the project manager also performs the tasks associated with closing the project. Alkhateeb, and S. First, the quality costs turn out to be much higher than had been realized.

In addition, the person will be a process, carrying out some transformation or activity. Quality Cost Measurement and Publication Does Not Solve Quality Problems: Some organizations evaluate the cost of poor quality and publish it in the form of a scoreboard in the belief that publication alone will stimulate the responsible managers to take action to reduce the costs.

Many project managers use software to build and maintain the schedule and baselines. There is also extensive research evidence that demonstrates the benefits from the approach.

Even though some areas are more important than others, each area must be executed with care and professionalism in order for any project to be successful.

Alkhateeb, and S. For instance, in the initiation of the project the estimate is more difficult to assess than later in the project when the scope and the schedule have been defined in detail.

To work effectively, the scoreboard must be supplemented by a structured improvement program.

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