Property rights in the united states

That is the right to determine the use.

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But if the government imposes rent controls that keep the rent below the free-market level, the price the landlord pays to discriminate falls, possibly to zero. In an extreme form, this has meant that people have become "objects" of property—legally "things" or chattels see slavery.

where do property rights come from

Although the Western European countries started with a greater allocation of property rights to governments, recent changes in planning laws to accommodate a more market-oriented land management system and to uphold individual property rights have brought them closer to the U.

Under a private property system the market values of property reflect the preferences and demands of the rest of society.

Econlib, January 7, Examples discussed include fisheries, roads, rivers and the air. Useful and skillful industry is the soul of an active life.

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U.S. Private Property Rights in International Perspective