Perforated paper cross stitch

It is easy to work with as long as you are gentle. Decided to do a sled for my granddaughters. Call Maine Fiberarts at or visit www. Thank you If you cut through the centers of the holes, you end up with serrated edges. Now you want to carefully cut one hole out from the stitching.

Search Perforated Paper Finally, I got some stitching done this weekend! It's even difficult to find in specialty needlework stores, therefore online needlework sites are much the only option.

perforated paper cross stitch cards

The cross-stitch is easy to learn and if you leave open space in and around the designs, interesting things come of it. In those days, perforated paper was easy to obtain, inexpensive and came in a range of holes per inch. I'm glad I found this web site and will use it again.

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Mill Hill Perforated Paper cross stitch patterns and kits