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Whatever else was true, I knew that this person had resolved to carry out what the US government would consider a very serious crime.

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Powering off the phone or laptop does not defeat the capability: only removing the battery does. But what did he hope to achieve? Not sure how the two oldest children will take the news she is quite apprehensive as you can imagine. He amplifies our understanding of the N. No way. Gibson would need assurances about what was happening there and a way to assuage any worries her bosses in London might have. But I assumed his situation was delicate. Eventually Greenwald receives word that a Federal Express package has been sent and will arrive in a couple of days. Every last document had been placed exactly where it belonged. Justine has a friend Cheryl. Greenwald to begin using PGP encryption so that Cincinnatus could communicate with him securely. What did Hong Kong have to do with any of this?

This meant involving the Guardian, the newspaper and online news website that I had joined as a daily columnist only nine months earlier. And Mr. I had never seen a FISA court order before.

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I tore open the envelope and found two USB thumb drives, along with a typewritten note containing detailed instructions for using various computer programs designed to provide maximum security, as well as numerous passphrases to encrypted email accounts and other programs I had never heard of.

I had assumed that our anonymous source was in Maryland or northern Virginia. I'm not afraid of what will happen to me.

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Greenwald and Ms. Besides, Gibson would need the full support and approval of the Guardian editors in London, who knew me even less well than she did.

Snowden's actions, and the claims he has made, have catalysed an important debate in the US, within Congress where views have not necessarily followed party lines and among academics and commentators.

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On January 28, , I emailed C. The best option was a sixteen-hour non-stop flight on Cathay Pacific that left from JFK the next morning. I decided to set aside that cryptic though significant statement for the moment, in line with my approach of letting him decide when I got information but also because I was so excited by what I had in front of me. To make it so that no one could communicate electronically without the NSA being able to collect, store, and analyze the communication. Photograph: Jimmy Chalk for the Guardian At the outset of Glenn Greenwald's communications with the "anonymous leaker" later identified as year-old former NSA employee Edward Snowden , Greenwald — a journalist, blogger and former lawyer — and the film-maker Laura Poitras, with whom he is collaborating, are told to use a PGP "pretty good privacy" encryption package. Then a full week. The first was how extraordinarily well organized it was. After a month in the terminal, Russia granted him asylum. The article I published in the online political magazine Salon detailing the constant interrogations to which Poitras had been subjected received substantial attention, drawing statements of support and denunciations of the harassment. I wanted to be certain that this would be worthwhile, meaning: Had she obtained verification that this source was real? Justine is the Mom of a teenage girl. In the end, we must enforce a principle whereby the only way the powerful may enjoy privacy is when it is the same kind shared by the ordinary: one enforced by the laws of nature, rather than the policies of man. According to Mr. And Laura, who plans everything meticulously, was also bound to be furious at this sudden change in our plans. But he says he has many, many more.

If you seek to help, join the open source community and fight to keep the spirit of the press alive and the internet free. I added his user name to my OTR buddy list and waited.

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No Place To Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State by Glenn Greenwald