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Driven by concerns about the growing expense of building and operating the huge American fleet carriers and their vulnerability, research into smaller carrier designs continued. Development of Smart Infrastructure. S in Physics and B. Russian efforts were ahead in the early s, but they yielded little as a result of serious organizational problems and purges that sent key engineers to the gulag. Two groups in the U. Hitchins, D. Displacing nearly 95, tons, each had a crew of some 6, men. It is dedicated to the publication of peer-reviewed original contributions, by researchers and practitioners, regarding the theory and practice of engineering, technology, and innovation management. Simon R. His publications include five book chapters and several journal articles. Bondavalli, A. The weapons do not require remote guidance, but automatically home in on pre-assigned targets, acting autonomously. Tompkins received a Ph.

Kossiako, A. Megan completed her undergraduate degree from Emory University.

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Megan holds a Ph. Sustainment is a systems and systems of systems performance attribute that is critical to the development of effective capability.

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Smart infrastructure in military, transportation, health and energy sectors will require new protocols, methodologies and models to support implementation, management, and human-system integration.

His publications include five book chapters and several journal articles. Advanced systems thinking, engineering, and management.

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The efficiency and long range of these missiles derived from the fact that they required fuel only to be launched up through the atmosphere and directed towards the target. Inherent in this perspective is the notion that optimal solutions can be designed, and systems can be integrated such that optimal performance can be established.

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Megan holds a Ph. This equipment, although inferior to that working on shorter wavelengths, was seen by Air Vice-Marshal Hugh Dowding as the key to the air defense of Britain from expected German attack. A revolution began in the nineteenth century with the introduction of rifled cannon and effective explosive shells. Although the missiles listed here were generally capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, most were also loaded with conventional explosive warheads. This different level includes consideration for the planning, organization, coordination, controlling, and direction functions traditionally associated with management. The boat submerges by taking on water through vents to decrease its buoyancy and surfaces by expelling the water with compressed air. Biological Warfare In addition to the military use of natural or synthesized plant and animal toxins as poisons, biological warfare involves the use of disease-causing bacteria, viruses, rickettsia, or fungi to cause incapacitation or death in man, animals, or plants. System-of-systems engineering management: A review of modern history and a path forward. Development of Smart Infrastructure. Reliability Engineering to support sustainability key performance parameters. Michael A. The engineering design of systems: models and methods. He is currently pursuing a Ph. Aircraft development was then marked by a continuous catching-up process between German fighters on the one hand and French and British fighters on the other.
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Military Technology Research Papers