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It facilitate education for its employees to be efficient THREATS: External to the organization Intense competition……… Noverties, Aventis and Square pharmaceuticals are the Potential market competitors globally and locally who had been Operating their business in the pharmaceuticals field.

Beximco pharmaceuticals, A. And we are successful in this area only because we give our highest concern to our customers need that means we always try to keep our price lower than our competitors do without any compromise with quality. From the very beginning, Fritz Hoffmann attached great importance to product information as the link between the pharmaceutical manufacturer and doctors, pharmacists and patients.

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Here for example the product team meetings are helpful which take place in the centre of Germany, well reachable for all team members, and in which we jointly forge forward with the development of materials.

Era of Franz B. However, always there exists an uncertainty centering the expected sales proceed. Specially, Roche is investing in discovering the cure of HIV.

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In addition, we analyse the pharmaceutical market and monitor and evaluate emerging trends. Marketing Research The purpose of Roche pharmaceuticals marketing research is to determine, through the application of the scientific method, what to produce, who the potential buyers are, where those buyers are located, how much to produce, how to sell, and when to sell in order to maximize the service render and net profits earned. In the next stage, concept testing, new-product concepts are tested with a group of target consumers to determine if the concepts have strong consumer appeal. The qualities looked for in the individual depend on the requirements for the job, as established in the job specification. In this manner the products is being made as customer demands. But the importance of the promotional elements depends on their different target group. What we stand for As experts for the individual areas we cooperate cross functionally to make the product accessible for the patients coming into consideration for it. They can improve their sales promotion by offering extra benefits with product. Another thing that we have observed from our survey in pharmacies is that Indian low quality medicine comes to our country in illegal way. But the products can fail — the risks of innovation are also great as the rewards. It contains all the opium alkaloids in a standardised form free of inert material. Its rich product variation helps it to capture the market Status symbol…………… Buying products of this company people feel ensure of the quality Career facilities…………….

Roche Consumer Health addresses the needs of a healthy lifestyle, protection against environmental stress factors and self-medication for minor complaints.

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