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In terms of market segmentation, software company think segmentation consumer market is not useful.

Market analysis framework

How attractive is your market? This is because you need to assess how well the channels are. How can we find the competitive advantage? Get imaginative to spot opportunities to excel where others are falling short. This gives the reader an idea about what's to come and helps them zero in on the most important details quickly. Competitor strengths and weaknesses: What is your competition good at? Do you need to get in early to take advantage of an emerging market? Key success factors — The elements that will produce success in the market. Industry research and analysis is different than market research.

In order to explore global market, how market segmentation can be used in the global market. A lot of new entrepreneurs make the rookie mistake of thinking that everyone is their potential market.

Channel power structure - for example, in the case of a product having little brand equity, retailers have negotiating power over manufacturers and can capture more margin. This data should include demographics on the group you are targeting including age, gender, income level, and lifestyle preferences.

You would however factor it when assessing the value of the market.

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Step 2: Target market Your target market is the most important section of your industry analysis. Therefore, the main principle of looking at cross-cultural approach and cross- national approach base on perceive service quality.

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Trends and emerging channels - new channels can offer the opportunity to develop a competitive advantage. Based on that you go ahead with your marketing plan.

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Market Analysis in 4 Steps