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Perhaps there was no Orlando Pirates without him. I'll take a risk on any business. At the age of eight, he sold apples and peanuts at soccer games and train stations in order to provide for himself and his grandparents and to attend school.

As in the past two seasons, the Cosmos, with their all-star lineup, continued to dominate the regular season, easily winning the National East division with a record. As long as I make sure I learn from any failures.

Ephraim Matsilela Sono, easily the best football player South Africa has ever produced, has had a very illustrious career as a player, but not so much as a coach.

Big business is all about bringing together systems that transcend individuals. Surely there are lessons that you and I can draw from this. I am not much of a soccer fan, but even I know that Jomo Cosmos so far has had what many can refer to as mediocre performance compared to what the owner has achieved in his capacity as a football player.

What is of particular concern to Sono, though, is whether soccer, as a sport, will benefit from the event. Fate played a big part in Sono turning his attention to soccer. Is it because football players cannot run clubs? He approached this by purchasing Highlands Park renaming it to what is known today as Jomo Cosmos.

South Africans won't pay for tickets to go see Colombia versus the US. Sawubona Hotel group plans to expand its operation to other areas in Africa and although the nature of this expansion could not be established, Xulu confirms that they plan on developing hotel in Swaziland for a start.

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