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We focused on Part 1 of the instruction. The ability to communicate powerfully with the written word can give any person a distinct advantage in almost every area of life, and give them the ability to have a huge impact on the world. Portable Walls for the Essayist is basically a durable tri-fold that contains handy checklists of all of the important lists and techniques discussed and used in the class. Amber feels her essay writing is stronger now and she has a better understanding of the different essay styles. What did we think? All text, photographs, artwork, and other content may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form without the written consent of the author. The Portable Walls are a wonderful invention, and we were glad to have this Essayist version of it with quick reference help. Although it is taught directly to the student, I wanted to be vaguely prepared if she had any questions. It looks at essay construction in a broader sense in disk one.

I believe this was a good choice; she did not suffer at all for skipping the two middle sections on the test essays and kept her positive momentum going with personal essays. Since we have used and enjoyed these materials, my 11th grade daughter was really excited to hear about the High School Essay Intensive.

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Amber loves to write and intends to major in English. I really love both courses, but if you could only do one, I would recommend doing The High School Essay using the expanded syllabus that comes with the course as a download. I found it to be so helpful for many writing situations. Actually, that was her reaction most days. It is enough to read and discuss literature using the Socratic method. However, she felt there were some weaknesses in her writing and wanted a chance to work specifically on those areas. Specific Models Transitional Words and Phrases I would like to note that this course is not designed to teach your student the basic mechanics of sentence or paragraph writing. We focused on Part 1 of the instruction. Amber completed the course, at least the portions I assigned, during the review period by working on it several days a week.

Our first day of use I assigned Amber a set length of video to watch and take notes from in her student handout. All rights reserved.

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How did we use it? My daughter agreed. It comes with four disks if I'm remembering correctly; I'm away on vacation right now. We found the streamed videos worked better for us.

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I did allow Amber to skip one of the writing assignments in Part 1B because it was the same type of writing as she has been doing in her regular IEW courses for years.

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