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A self-administered questionnaire consisting of 10 questions covering the following areas was developed: magnitude of the problem; consequence of ineffective communication on patient care and safety; reporting of incidences related to problems with communication; reasons for ineffective communication; and managing ineffective communication.

Implications for nursing and health policy Nurse leaders can improve the health and well-being of their nations in collaboration with consumers and other key stakeholders. These goals have structured and animated the evolution of all programmes within the increasingly broad LFC initiative.

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LFC's impact on nursing and health care in the UAE In addition to the specific impact of each project, the implementation of LFC in UAE has contributed to the government efforts to foster national leaders from within the nursing profession in particular and the healthcare community in general.

Thirty-five staff nurses were randomly selected from male surgical unit who participated in an awareness session about the SBAR tool.

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Within the region, there are approximately nurses, but the distribution of nurse to population ratio varies widely from to per Phase 1 was put into motion with four strategic goals for nurses and the nursing profession at its core: Participate in policy development and decisions during health reform and beyond; Be effective leaders and managers in nursing and health services; Help prepare future nurse managers and leaders for positions of influence in changing health services; and Influence changes in nursing curricula, so future nurses are prepared appropriately.

Others have built the necessary self-confidence to assume new roles and to introduce changes in their clinical practice.

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