Essays on animal cruelty in circuses

There are multiple arenas that teach people that it is acceptable to interfere with animals and keep them locked in captivity, where they are cramped, lonely, and far from their natural homes.

why animals should not be in circuses

In the UK, the use of animals in psychological investigations has been constrained by ethical and moral The Functions of Proteins in Plants and Animals words - 4 pages The Functions of Proteins in Plants and Animals Proteins are polymers of monomers called amino acids. Since most circuses did not and have not complied with the new acts, some bans on circus animals have been added to some circuses in the United States, such as Barnum and Bailey and Ringling Brothers.

According to the UN, species go extinct every day.

are circus animals treated well

If the mistreatment of circus animals continues, some may become endangered and future generations would miss out in a worse way. Wild animals, such as the elephant, are taken from their natural habitat to perform uncomfortable tricks for human entertainment.

wild animals in circuses

The tiger 's handlers forces them to perform by using whips, tight collars, muzzles, electric prods, and bullhooks. The animal rights acts monitor the slaughtering of animals, as well as the experimentation of animals.

The young elephant performed his third show for the day, under threat of physical punishment by his trainer, and was returned to his shackles afterward

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