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So, the problem of illiteracy in India remains as it is. However, there have been many initiatives by the Government which have been successful in evolving in people in rural areas.

how to reduce illiteracy in india

Some measures can be taken by the government in order to solve it like education should be made free at least until fourteen years of age, people in village areas should be made aware of the importance of education, etc.

A continuing worry is the lower rate of literacy among women.

Causes of illiteracy in india

With zero education to back them up, what chances do our young ones have when they begin to look for a source of earning? In many rural villages and even in some urban cities, girls are denied education just because of their gender and this in turn increases the illiteracy in India. Awareness programs on the importance of education must be conducted in each and every part of the country. India would have an intellectually toothless and gullible generation with no thought process of its own. The government of India and a large number of Non-Governmental Organizations are working hand in hand to spread the awareness on the importance of education. Unhygienic and Unhealthy Environment — This can also be considered as a crisis and the increase in population causes illiteracy in India. Essay on Illiteracy in India Essay 8 — Words Illiteracy in India is a very serious problem, which will even affect the development of our country. It also finds mention in article 41, 45 and 46 of the Constitution of India. Sign Up Message from Sophia! The state spends dollars per pupil which also explains its educational levels. Illiteracy means the inability to read or write anything. Even in rural areas where the rules are put into practise, parents from poor families put their children to work so that they could assist in piling more income. I hope i can solve the problem through this blog. Also, uniform and books are provided free of cost of the children have been in place in order to motivate the poor to send their children to school. Another factor which has largely been responsible for the lack of interest in people being literate is the technology of agricultural practices in India.

With proper resources, opening more schools in rural areas is an effective solution for illiteracy in India. This low female literacy is also responsible for the dependency of women on men for activities which requires them to read and write.

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Reasons for Illiteracy in India: 1. School essays for children This a blog that provides school essays for children. While there are government schools and rules that say primary education is free for all, these rules are often not put into practise. Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for school students Class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Standard and college students.

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Second comes finding a better shelter if they slept on the streets, else go and beg. Hence we have come up with long essays for students which they educate them on the causes and the currents schemes in place to reduce the illiteracy in India.

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Illiteracy in India and Causes of Illiteracy