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Compensation of tool forces in small diameter solid carbide end mills.

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Mechanical analysis of deformation of tube drawing process Assembly analysis of crank, connecting rod, piston Cutting strategies for forging die manufacturing on CNC milling machines. By working together with our Department, companies may keep abreast of the latest research and technological development.

Analysis of center lathe headstock side due to tangential force, feed force and thrust force Design validation and buckling analysis of the MAG wheel for straight and slant spokes Fatigue analysis of Diesel engine piston by using composite aluminum metal matrix composite.

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Students should strive to choose topics which are capable of stirring their interest and that of the reader. Parametric optimization of a cc oil cooled engine cylinder fins. Analysis of bed used in shaping machine Choosing a commonly used topic can prove to be difficult. Enquiries While the above information serves as a general reference for Company-sponsored FYP, we welcome arrangement and collaboration of other kinds. The trend line shows a parabolic manner. Design evaluation of a camshaft used in multi cylinder engine using materials forged steel and Aluminum alloy

Hariharan S. All these activities require appropriate and authentic sources of information and that particular information must be referenced or cited according to the copyrights and other guidelines. Helical shift mechanics of rubber V-belt variators and analysis.

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Stall characteristics and tip clearance effects in forward swept axial compressor rotors

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Mechanical Engineering Thesis