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Still the worst outcome is that criminals end up in jail, thus mandating the government to feed them while there.

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First important reason why students drop out school is tuition expenses. Should College Be A College?

dropping out of school causes and consequences and solutions

Our education institution not only teaches us how to write, read and communicate thoroughly, but also social writing — Baccalaureate Exam Tricks Cause and effect essays; Argumentative essays; Comparison and contrast from this fundamental right by dropping out of school due to several reasons.

Thus teachers have to be very careful in handling students since they come from different backgrounds. Even though the education system is facing several challenges today, there is one major challenge that has been reported in most of the training institutes.

It is now short of a year since he has dropped out. Teacher-student relationship also matters a great deal when it comes to whether the student will complete high school or not. First, in California, it has a fast pace of living, second, economic and third, students may not be prepared academically Finally, students usually drop out of school for three main reasons: money, a good job, and academic failure.

Usually they get a job while they are studying too.

Effects of dropping out of school

Some people have to have special attention or needs in school and if the school is not addressing them, then it could cause the person to fall behind in their studies. Poorly parented students may also leave school so they can raise some money to provide for their families. As there are numerous causes for dropping out of school, one can find an uncountable number of its consequences. Education is priceless. With such competition, chances of dropouts finding employment are reduced and most of them remain unemployed Schreiber This involves the way they look at the dropout's career and life style. When an individual makes the conscious decision to drop out of high school, many times the decision is made without regard to the consequences Reasons for Dropping out of School words - 3 pages reasons why they drop out from school.

The authors assert that if school status causes. The outcome has little effect on than that of a white family.

Factors responsible for school dropout

Due to lack of employment, idleness drives young people into venture activities that ruin social norms. In a general sense, traditional male and female roles in society are part of the problem. Even though this is not common in most states of America, girls that get pregnant while still in high school are forced to drop out so as to take care of their children. It could also be said that by raising the school leaving age to 18, crime rates can be reduced somewhat. Thus, this paper is aimed to look at the causes and effects of dropping out of high school, why students decide to drop out of school and how this decision affects their lives and the society at large. As I have already mentioned that there are several reasons that are associated with the high rates of students dropping out of school today, some of commonly known include poor parenting, peer pressure, life style, social background and parental misguidance among others Randall and Anderson The peer pressure received from students can also be detrimental. In high schools and lower education, most of schools are funded by government, so parents does not much their budget for their children. There are a lot of families that can't pay a college tuition even since high school, these families earn the minimum salary. The studies show that the number of students who drop out of schools in Jeddah is increasing. The world faces this problem with teenagers everywhere, and dropping out of schools could affect the coming generation tremendously, either for good or bad. The effects of dropping out of school can be enormous. Some of the commonly highlighted consequences of dropping out of school include unemployment, unhealthy living, poverty, single parenting, divorce, drug abuse, violence, and the worst is being dependant on governmental support to survive. Since there is no shortcut to life, the world we live in today fevers those that are ready to face the education challenge and emerge the suitable supermen for the fast evolving job market.

The pedophile can threat th is person in a vulgar way with cruel words. Most students stay on campus their first year and then no longer have the nagging of their parents to complete their assignments.

Reasons for dropouts in government schools

Poor parenting has been considered to be the greatest challenge that causes students to drop out. These causes all play big roles in dropping out school. If year olds are forced to stay at school, they cannot simply go about loitering in their free time and as a result, they are impeded from engaging in criminal activities since they will remain in school at the time. So, people that start the gossip want to have the attention. Firstly, Facebook is a good way to publish photos and vulgar words. This may help students see the reality of being a high-school graduate or that being a high school drop-out can seriously affect that persons' life. Some people have to have special attention or needs in school and if the school is not addressing them, then it could cause the person to fall behind in their studies. This is because a nation is said to suffer if its general population can not meet the average needs.
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