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Give on transactions, get on relationships.

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Some might say he was over-qualified, having served as treasurer of the Asia Pacific region for Johnson Controls Inc. Product extensions and brand expansion always seem to be a no-brainer, and Halle has tried several times to branch out into new areas.

Suddenly, cars were lined up around the block and Halle had a chance to make a good impression on people who would become paying customers. Eventually he relented, choosing to greatly reduce a wicked travel schedule in order to spend more time with his family. Halle: Pricing is quite cyclical.

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The process for a customer is very simple. Customer rave about RNR on social media and review sites as they are the only option to own new tires at an affordable weekly installment. When Halle opened his first store, he had no money to spend on promotions, but he had time on his hands. There are over stores open and another franchise locations sold and looking for locations. Simple enough, right? Store managers follow the plan and coupled with employees who feel respected and valued can reciprocate and display the same respect to the customers RNR serve. Halle eschews the stretch goals that many leadership teams use.

Being the largest franchisor of rent to own tire and wheel stores in America— RNR is the industry leader and has coupled a great marketing approach with an incredible culture of training and success. There he offered free flat repairs and encouraged store managers to give away tires to down-and-out customers.

His theory was that they would tell their friends and return as lifetime customers when they got back on their feet. To this day, Bruce Halle attributes the overall success of Discount Tire to these healthy attitudes and the employees who live them.

As the new century was beginning, he felt it was time to see what he could accomplish at the close to store retail chain based in Scottsdale, Ariz. By the end of the decade, our company grew to six stores and established a strong reputation for customer satisfaction. Customer rave about RNR on social media and review sites as they are the only option to own new tires at an affordable weekly installment.

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Additional Links. The Googles of the world have it figured out. So why do we need it? Nothing reveals the flaws in a system as starkly as overly rapid expansion. Vince Ficarotta has been in the rent to own sector for most of his career and has been with RNR since Day 1. This key differentiator allows RNR Tires to provides Easy Payment Options for customers and gives us a great advantage over other classical discount tire franchises. Throughout the s and 80s, we expanded outward from our new home base, building stores in California, the Pacific Northwest, Texas, Florida, and other new regions. Unique Financing Options No other discount tire, franchise tire business or tire retailer provides in-house finance options for the consumer RNR does. Not a lot. Today his Discount Tire is the world's largest independent tire and wheel retailer with locations in 23 states. Build your company around your employees. Expand too aggressively and that cushion becomes razor thin. Strategically chosen for its warm weather, Arizona offered our growing company two distinct advantages: steady seasonal business and perpetual sunshine that would preclude employees from changing tires in cold, wintry conditions. This is my responsibility.
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DISCOUNT TIRE Opens 1,th Store