Designing women suzanne goes looking for a friend

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Season 5, Episode "Fore! Obviously, the strategy paid off; the show was not only renewed, it was also moved back to Monday nights. You should sit here, I should sit in the middle. How old is this airplane?

I promise. Plane age is a major factor in air safety and we as passengers are not allowed to know? No just went up another percentage point. And by the way, just what is he doing sitting by the window? Episode 9 The Vision Thing The ladies throw a Las Vegas-style wedding shower for Anthony and Etienne, who is driving her new husband crazy with her overwhelming efforts to become the perfect wife. We never have good vacations. Retrieved September 29, Please read the rules before joining the discussion. She was indignant at the ignorance of many of the medical personnel some nurses refused to touch the AIDS patients and instead placed their medication in a bucket and kicked it into their rooms and it saddened her that so many of the patients were dying alone in their rooms with even family members afraid to get too close. Heard anything about your luggage or your purses yet?

So Annie had to spend much of that season hidden behind furniture or oversized shirts. Suzanne takes the seat in the middle.

Designing women suzanne goes looking for a friend

But some are just downright hilarious. When his attempts to get free meet more resistance than he expected, B. And kids today could use a good, old-fashioned Julia Sugarbaker takedown.

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Why the Sugarbaker Sisters Made Monday Nights So Memorable