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Their age old literature has been told and retold with the essence of gothic architecture and contemporary children's stories for decades now. Modern fairy tales are about Alice falling down a rabbit hole, into Wonderland, or Dorothy traveling to Oz.

The story begins in a rural house where a man and woman live without children, near a walled garden tended by a frightening witch.

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The girl who results from this ordeal takes a new form as the popular object of desire, but little has changed. It is clear that there exists in this house an almost tangible feeling of desire …show more content… If the unconscious mind is obscure and dark, and the conscious mind is clear and sunny, then dusk is where the two blend briefly.

But where did it come from.

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Why is it that Rapunzel is only featured in one episode of OUAT whereas other characters have a more constant presence? This tendency to act at dusk further confirms the idea that this man represents the ego, which is the reconciliation of both id and superego. The witch never allowed for Rapunzel to leave the tower, for fear that the immortality in the world would lead the child down the wrong path. The husband pleads for mercy, so the witch says that if he promises to give his first-born child to her, she will let them eat as much rampion from her garden as they wish. Even though he is a thief we, as viewers, relate to him and are immediately led to view him as a positive character. This childhood movie relates to child development in the fact that she is cut off from socialization, and she is very unsocial and oblivious to the world outside of the tower she has been trapped in Narratology boils down to the study of how a story is presented and told that enhances or provides new or further meaning to the story. Which brings us to the animals. When the witch who owns the garden discovers the trespass, she brings down a harsh verdict. Each character of the story wished for something, Cinderella wants to attend the prince 's festival, Jack need to buy food for him and his mother, Little red riding hood has to deliver food for her sick grandmother, and the baker and his wife lust to have a child regardless the cursed place upon him However, the man and his wife are not allowed to go into the garden, which belongs to a wicked witch.

The stories we heard in which poor peasant girls could become princesses through perseverance, patience, beauty or wit. It explores various dimensions of fairy tales and demonstrates how they can be used as content to instruct and provide language practice to ESL learners

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