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I am now asking myself what could be next, what will the doctor say when you come in for a checkup. Edits made as per requests. The physical and mental pressure of the fast pace of life can be in way responsible to increase the adrenaline in the blood stream that causes the pressure to elevate.

On lab day three, we had check-off for blood pressure and apical pulse. People, until told by a medical physician generally overlook high blood pressure. The chance of a stroke or heart attack is much more likely. Further treatment with a wise man explained in deepness the different countries a blood force per unit area turnup can be applied and provided constructive feedback on the different ways in which the state of affairs could be improved if it were to happen once more.

how to measure blood pressure

However, the blood pressure cuff that I used presented higher heart rate readings then the readings I counted on my own from my radial pulse per minute Regular exercise can reduce blood pressure and help manage weight and stress.

Hypertension is another term used to describe high blood pressure. It is estimated that Radcliffe Publishing Ltd.

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Reflection on Taking Blood Pressure Essay