Aravind eye care system giving the most precious gift

To further lower costs, Aravind has created a sister organisation, Aurolab, to manufacture intraocular lenses locally at prices one-fiftieth of US prices, as well as the sutures and drugs used in surgery. Abstract Improving efficiency while catering to the needy is an acute issue faced by the health care Industry of developing countries, as their demand exceeds capacity.

Their basic needs such as food during their stay were taken care of by AEH. PrahaladThe Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Though widely accepted as a better procedure, it was argued that developing countries should not go in for it as the IOLs were expensive.

Aravind is also setting up its first overseas venture in Nigeria in partnership with Chanrai Group which is expected to be the largest eye-care facility in Africa when it goes operational in with a capacity to perform 10, surgeries annually. The assembly-line approach is most evident in the operating room, where each surgeon works two tables, one for the patient having surgery, the other for a patient being prepped.

The training for the nurses was essentially in Tamil the vernacular language spoken in the state ; they were also taught some basic medical terminology in English and trained in basic conversational English.

Aravind eye care system giving the most precious gift

His model became the subject of a Harvard Business School case study, and is being copied in hospitals around the subcontinent. The camps visit villages every few months, offering eye exams, basic treatments, and fast, cheap glasses. Instead, Dr. Dr G Venkataswamy Eye Research Institute will give significant thrust in research of basic sciences like genetics, biochemistry and immunology; drug development; clinical trials for assessing efficiency of intervention options; population based studies and health systems research for designing an effective delivery system. Patients requiring surgery are invited with a family member to come to the nearest of Aravind's nine hospitals; all transport and lodging, like the surgery, is free. Started, the Aravind Eye Hospital. Eye camps were organized by different agencies and conducted differently. Prahalad , The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid. This increase in population means that the population 'at-risk' of blinding cataract will also increase tremendously. This group of patients and relatives returned after about three days in a common transport.

In the year46 eye camps were organized in which 11, persons were examined. Vision centres: The model of vision centre is envisaged by the Vision And it is still largely run by Dr V's siblings and their spouses and children - he has at least 21 relatives who are eye surgeons.

Volume brings down the cost and ensures the viability of the enterprise.

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An initiative has begun to set up permanent primary eye care facilities, so the community does not have to wait for a camp. References 1.

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The innovation challenge here is significant — how to carry out a high quality process at low cost? Aravind plans to extend its outreach services to include all speciality areas of eye care. By the end of the first four months, the trainers and Dr. Thus most came with their bags and, often, with relatives who would accompany them. They have cameras, so that doctors at Aravind's hospitals can do examinations remotely. Community Outreach An integral part of AECS is its community outreach programmes which take eye care service to the doorstep of the community. Lacking other options, they decided to raise revenue by building a clientele of paying customers seeking specialized services. The combination of high clinical load, extensive community participation, and access to a large network of eye hospitals provides ideal opportunities for conducting clinical, laboratory, population-based studies and social and health systems research. Efficiency in the Eye Care -the way of McDonalds An average Aravind surgeon performs surgeries per year against the global average of This expense is borne by the hospital.

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Aravind Eye Hospitals