Analysis of parabolic trough collector

Direct steam generation in parabolic trough collectors.

Hoel M, Kverndokk S. J Therm Anal Calorim.

a review of solar parabolic trough collector

Solar energy engineering: processes and systems. In this study, the technical and economic assessment of using solar energy in order to preheat the process fluid before entering the furnaces in refinery is carried out.

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Organic rankine cycle coupling with a parabolic trough solar power plant for cogeneration and industrial processes. Issue Section:. Numerical simulation and experimental validation of integrated solar combined power plant. Download preview PDF. Exergy analysis of an integrated solar combined cycle system. CrossRef Google Scholar 5. Advanced Search Solar-to-thermal energy conversion technologies are an important and increasingly promising segment of our renewable energy technology future. The second section is dedicated to studying the heat transfer in the absorber tube and the glass envelope for determining the output temperature of HTF. CrossRef Google Scholar 4. Heat Mass Transf. Bellos E, Tzivanidis C. A new correlation for predicting the thermal conductivity of nanofluids; using dimensional analysis. Int J Low-Carbon Technol. Comparison of different solar plants based on parabolic trough technology.

This is because of a nanofluid's tunability, which allows for high solar-to-thermal efficiencies across all tube diameters enabling small pressure drops to pump the HTF at large tube diameters. Kalogirou SA.

Analysis of parabolic trough collector
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Thermal Study of a Parabolic Trough Collector