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Hughes was an important member of the Harlem Renaissance who wrote extensively on the oppression and racism that Black Americans face. There will be moments of indecisiveness and confusion but one must continue to move forward and not give up hope. I believe that this is the main theme of the poem, perseverance. Refrain : The lines that are repeated again at some distance in the poems are called refrain. The speaker compares her life to a ragged staircase and conjures up an idea that one should not give up. It is free verse and written in the vernacular, meaning that it mimics the patterns of speech and diction of conversation. It seems that Langston Hughes wants the readers to understand that yeah life may be hard, but you have to get through it. She tells him that one must possess the courage to move forward in life in spite of all the difficulties that might come his way. Hughes uses the staircase as an extended metaphor to represent the hardships that life presents.

What enchants the readers is the undaunted struggle of a mother during her tough time of life. Using the mother as a physical representation for Aboriginals King alludes to the fact that the term border represents much more than a physical divide.

These are place the stairs might take a turn or she might be able to rest.

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The mother also tells her son to not be misled or lose hope. Even though she knows how bad things can be, she is unafraid, or at least strong enough, to face them. The young boy and his mother are not able to cross the border because her Blackfoot citizenship is not recognized.

So, the main theme of the poem is that of perseverance. The poem is about a mother giving advice to her son about the challenges of life.

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It also symbolizes the life that we spend. Quotes to be Used The lines stated below can be used when motivating children to rise again after failure and face the challenges of life confidently.

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She has not given up and continues to strive for a better life, free of all suffering and miseries. She is attempting to explain to him, through the image of the staircase, what his life is going to be like. Symbolism : Symbolism is using symbols to signify ideas and qualities, giving them symbolic meanings different from literal meanings. The fact that boards are missing from the staircase speaks to the lack of support she received or to the missing links in her own understanding of what she should do next. The wood is also torn up in places, entire boards missing. The staircase becomes more and more difficult depending on how one handles their own life. She compares the journey of life to the upward climb on a staircase and says it has not been smooth like crystal. The mother tells him that the adversities that come his way should not dampen his spirit and he must continue to strive for a better life. The Mother character is on a difficult and arduous uphill journey, hoping that if she endures her struggles she can eventually ascend to the highest "Promised Land. Hughes was an important member of the Harlem Renaissance who wrote extensively on the oppression and racism that Black Americans face. He must rather face them and keep pushing forward. In "Dreams," though, Hughes implies that even if one's dreams do not come true, a life without hope is barren and sad.

The poem explores the dignity and determination of a person when facing problems. She tells him not to be disappointed when he faces difficulties and not to settle down with it. One cannot give up just because things are not going their way.

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Analysis of Mother to Son Poem by Langston Hughes