An introduction to the maintenance of road networks

Maintenance of roads in india

Like cracks, this can allow water in and allow the road to deteriorate more quickly. Footway Treatments Footway maintenance treatments can be grouped in to three broad categories. This is can be a conventional asphalt surface, micro asphalt or a further surface dressing, depending on the road. The lower right picture shows Manland Road as it appeared during the process. A communication system between personnel responsible for activating the storm action plan 3. This will usually be a few weeks to a month after the treatment. Do not apply chemicals immediately prior to or during rainfall. Tree roots and excavations by utility companies can both cause these kinds of problems to our drains. The example essays in Kibin's library were written by real students for real classes. These types of features can be difficult to install in the existing urban environment as they often need large areas of land but they can be an effective alternative to normal piped systems. Laying: The new asphalt is laid at a high temperature and so is brought to site in insulated lorries. Poor underlying ground conditions can cause subsidence and other problems in roads just as they can elsewhere. In most cases, no other special aftercare is needed.

An effective method, called "Kanisku" closure, can be used on sideslopes less than 60 percent and is illustrated in Figure Some roots reach downwards but others radiate out from the tree close to the surface, searching for water and nutrients.

While the surface is still soft, a layer of new stone chippings is spread over it and rolled. A system to collect and analyze weather, soil, and road conditions 2.

During and After below : The micro asphalt material is hand laid - the process looks rather messy but the end results are good. Repairs and Improvements Unlike a road surface which we know will need treatment or replacement from time to time our drains and pipes don t generally wear out.

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Stream channels should be completely free of floatable debris branches, leaves, small logs, construction material, garbage, etc. The objective here is to convert a portion of surface water flow back to subsurface flow and to provide more efficient surface runoff capacity.

Thin Surfacing Gallery During: The material is laid in a semi-liquid form by a specialist machine; this helps it level out minor dips and bumps but it looks and is quite a messy process.

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This is just one illustration of how asset management can be applied, there are many others too. It s worth noting that we do not replace modular footways if they are in generally good condition, we only replace them when they are damaged or worn out and need repair or replacement anyway. This process is noisy and generates quite a lot of dust but it is fast and, in the case of night works, can usually be completed before midnight. Maximum salt concentrations can be found at soil surfaces nearest the road, but because they can be readily leached, salts can easily enter groundwater. We ll look at how the process is applied to roads here but the principles apply just as much to all other assets. If it is an asphalt surface, the new surface is laid in two layers and rolled while hot to give a neat, even finish. The Solutions Having looked at why maintenance is necessary, the next section looks at the different maintenance solutions available to us and which of those solutions are suitable for which circumstances. This is usually applied several weeks after the retread process meaning that the road may need to be left with the interim surface for some time. Minor defects like cracks can usually be dressed over without additional work. A communication system between personnel responsible for activating the storm action plan 3. If it is a modular surface, a layer of sand is laid first and the blocks or slabs are laid on top of this and bedded down. Indeed, many of our footways have had this treatment over the years and the public will usually see no difference once the treatment is complete.

What hooks you? While asphalt footways are not immune to damage, their inherent flexibility makes them much more resistant to it and, with asphalt, we have a wider range of options open to us to repair or maintain them.

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An Introduction to Highway Maintenance