An analysis of the topic of the suffrage for the people

The ratification of the Nineteenth amendment was vindication for so many women across the country. It gave women the right to vote. Why You Must March Suffrage groups across the nation contributed to the success of the procession.

It was to take seven more years before the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which gave women full rights to vote, finally passed both houses of Congress and was ratified by the required thirty-six states. After the U. Lucy Stone, an abolitionist, is one of the most important workers for women's suffrage and women's rights.

Photographers recorded the women's activities for newspaper readers and these images live on in newspapers and photo archives. Until this time, the only people who were allowed to vote in elections in the United States were male citizens.

If you tell their story, they will live again. They did not have the right to vote nor were they able take action in anything. Throughout this arduous journey the suffrage movement evolved alongside the women who embodied it, each generation splintering into moderate and radical factions.

For thousands of years, many people have believed that women were beneath men, and that men were superior.

womens suffrage movement
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