Advantages of educational system in mauritius

We can conclude that the free nature of our education is trumped by the costly private lessons.

education in mauritius 2018

With the many races and cultures living together in Mauritius, this country is a food heaven with a great variety of cuisines. Overview[ edit ] The Ministry of Education and Human Resources supervises and monitors all action related to the support to be provided to education.

Why is everyone giving in to this expensive trend? Among the reasons for these actions, there is the influence of the greatest that encourage them to do so under the pretext of pass examsto ease the pain after being scolded or spanked parents.

Continuous monitoring should not be an extension of the exams in time. Address: Labourdonnais, Mapou, Mauritius. There is often a gap between teacher training and the situation in schools and classrooms.

Among the proposals he 's there watching the behavior of the student on the clothes he wears in summer and winterisolation or other changes.

March 27, Moving abroad with a family can be daunting when it comes to your kids education! The school year consists of thirty nine weeks, divided into 3 terms of thirteen weeks.

Assistance in schools to help to deal with real life challenges remains very wide spread and human ingenuity, good will and talent are being constantly lost on an industrial scale. Do they really got great academics transcripts?

major drawbacks of mauritius education system
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6 Evils Of The Educational System