A view from the bridge gcse coursework

Often uses soliloquies talking to themselves to vocalise their thoughts and feelings — No. The kiss tells the audience a lot about Eddie as the alcohol makes his emotions just burst out.

International Baccalaureate resources with teacher and student feedback. This is another idea of his, which he shows later on in the scene.

a view from the bridge act 1

The play clearly shows how manliness can easily lead to hostility and progress to aggression. Up until this point, Eddie was like a volcano waiting to erupt.

a view from the bridge characters

The final stage direction in this extract, informing us that Catherine is [near tears. The way that the actor may choose to raise his voice to make his point creates tension in the theatre, and leaves the audience feeling uncomfortable.

The conflict in this play is significant in keeping to the snowball effect. Don't have an account yet? His love for Catherine and short temper are his fatal flaws. It is clear he loves his family very much as he is nearly in tears when he first talks about them to the Carbone family.

The audience knows that Rodolpho is feeling angry at this stage, and when he rudely asks Catherine - This is your question or his question? Hard to control and show his emotions.

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A View From A Bridge Coursework