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Knobil is propelled by events, and each time he moves on, he encounters a whole new cast of characters. Dance of Knives, her first novel, was published by Tor in May,and her book reviews won an Aurora Award the same month.

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Knobil is born into the savage herder race, where family groups of several women and their children belong to one dominant male, slowly making their way across the grasslands with their huge stupid beasts that must be constantly walked.

What I don't understand is why Dave Duncan isn't better known in this country.

Vernier is divided into twelve longitudes named January to December. Meanwhile, since National Service was then mandatory for all British subjects, he risked being sent to serve during the Suez Crisis.

He never out-put a first draft to a publishing house.

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The other half is spanned by six months of longitude and is in darkness — this is the Night Side. He is sold, because of his blond hair and blue eyes, to the traders, whose men are small and crafty and the women are huge and stupid, but doesn't find out why until it is too late.

Not only is the world divided into Months and Days, each a particular climate steadily moving west, but the inhabitants are very segregated, each following the same patterns every cycle, never learning from the previous one that often ends in disaster because they do not pass their knowledge down. Ignorant and uneducated, Knobil doesn't think much about his uniqueness, until his dying mother reveals that he is the son of an angel who visited their camp long ago, and who has left a token that will admit Knobil to Heaven -- if he can get there. Knobil is propelled by events, and each time he moves on, he encounters a whole new cast of characters. While his fantasy series sold the most copies, he also wrote science fiction, historical fiction set in Renaissance Italy and ancient Greece, and young adult novels and short stories. Duncan was Almost all Vernier's societies are rabidly misogynistic, and Knobil also undergoes grim trials which seem endless by about midway through the book. Duncan for his three-decades-long career can expect more adventures from the mind of this tireless creator of gripping stories, intriguing characters and magical realms. This blog is devoted to those paperbacks and comics you can find on the shelves of second-hand bookstores
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West of January by Dave Duncan