A literary analysis of the poem by cross

For the record, hughes is the poet but not the speaker. He is taking his curses back from his mother and father because he realizes that this is all he has left of his heritages and without them he is no longer part of either society.

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This poem implies that his father was slave owner and his mother was a slave. In other words, the supposed confusion of the speaker of this poem is likely contrived.

Langston, like most poets writers wrote from what he saw, and life-experiences. This leads him being angry with his parents.

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Hughes is confused about his race but I believe he is going to take it as it comes. Peter was buried on an upside down cross, trying to help exemplify the differences between the mother and the father. The figure of speech has made me emphasize with the speaker who is in great turmoil, as I imagined his predicament. Batman is good while Two-Face is bad. New York: Infobase Publishing, This poem is representative of the mindset and segregation of races during Hughes's adolescence and even adulthood. However Two-Face also represents what Batman could've turned into had he not made the right decisions. Particularly considering the way that African Americans didn 't care for the fact that he was not a true black man because half white, this theory came about simply because they felt as though they were betrayed.

A crossroad is a place where a person has to choose a path to go either way. Plus the very nature of motherhood more than fatherhood lends itself to more affection by most children.

These questions suggest that the speaker has accomplished a life that is not quite as rich as his father's but not quite as poor as his mother's.

A literary analysis of the poem by cross

And the speaker wishes them well wherever they are such as being in the hell. The persona crosses over from being angry and offensive, to adopt a forgiving character. In this poem, Hughes is expressing his disappointment of being of both high contrasts however considering the fact that he could never have an honorable place in neither of the two races nor be acknowledged by neither of the two racial classes. Posted on by a guest. He probably did not know where exactly to sit on the bus or which water fountain to use. Langston Huges was not bi-racial. At that time there was predominate between being white and black and he did not know where he fit in.

Utah: University of Utah, In other words, he is left in a crossroad Juhasz 56 The overall theme The poem is generally discussing issues of racial heritage.

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Langston Hughes' "Cross"