A description of my first day in kindergarten

Teach them the expected behaviors in each environment. It turns out their outfits were the perfect conversation starters. Make an "About Me" Booklet.

My brother was just next door in a class known as the first grade.

first day of kindergarten for teachers

Be supply-smart. I started crying and they took me to my brother. Check out the Klutz personalized calendar and gratitude journal that helps kids track important events with a bookmark, sticky notes and stickers.

Because many of my students are not able to read when starting kindergarten, I also provide visuals to help them understand the schedule.

how to welcome kindergarten students

Snacks are critical. That way, the students can continue to use them throughout the year as reading buddies, too.

My first day of kindergarten book

It is normal for you to have mixed emotions about the transition; your child may also be experiencing similar feelings. Mark their height on the wall and revisit this spot on the first day of school each year to see their growth. These books help students to relate to other children's experiences. We walked around to the bathroom and stayed in there for a good minutes so that by the time we went back, na As soon as our son sat down, my husband would look at the child sitting next to him and introduce himself and our son. But don't wait til you get to school. I cried on the sidewalk. Going into full-on cheerleader modeā€”It's gonna be awesome! I do guided discovery before allowing students to use any material. Hi there!

I take ours shot on the front steps. I like to get a good writing sample on the first day with no instruction. Heidi Butkus, creator of Heidi Songshas a fabulous classroom management CD that my students just love.

Meanwhile, I'd use that wear-what-you-want idea to my advantage: If I spotted a dinosaur t-shirt, I'd be all Hey!

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How to Organize for the First Day of Kindergarten: A Guide For New and Veteran Teachers